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Imagine if you could get VIP access to see 25 experts reveal what is working now + what the future is for personally improving the athletic performance of every Football player.

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Watch engaging demonstrations that showcase how innovations in Sports Tech and Sports Science are being used to improve athletic performance of Football players. You will get a behind the scenes look at what these products can do with data analytics to actionable insights on how to personally improve your Football performance.

Wearable Sports Tech that captures personalized data and metrics on your physical performance plus provides personal coaching to optimize your athletic performance. You will also experience software for training both your body and your brain using Sports Tech to make you a better Football player.

Sports Science that tracks your personal body movements plus biomechanics for reducing injuries and improving recovery. You will also experience how Sports Science can evaluate you personally showing you what to work on to improve your Football performance. This will provide you with personal training workouts you can start using immediately.

Sports Gear to wear when you play to help optimize your Football performance. You will get to see exactly what products other Football athletes use and showcase how it helps them perform their best. This will provide you with recommendations to specific Football gear to wear for positions including Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive and Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, Cornerback and Safety.

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Sports Tech

to personally improve your football performance both physically and mentally

Sports Science

to personally evaluate your body’s athletic movements for improving technique + injuries

Football Sports Gear

to wear and play Football with that helps you perform (recommended by position)

What makes this Summit unique +
Why you should attend…

1. What makes this Football Performance & Tech Summit unique... You don't even need to leave your house because this is an online summit that you will attend from your computer or mobile device. There's no flight or hotel room to book, saving you thousands of dollars and hours in travel time. We are bringing this directly to all Football athletes so you can consume this information to help you develop as a Football player.

2. The presentations will be online so you can watch them at your own convenience. I'm gifting you a Free ticket for a limited time because I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see these valuable videos. You must claim your Free ticket now though because each presentation will stream free for just 7 days - then it will only be available to access by members that have a Premium Pass.

3. This is a special opportunity to experience the greatest and latest in Sports Tech and learn from the experts that are working with the top athletes. Seriously, this online event is your once in a lifetime chance to see all the top products and hear from all the experts in 1 place. Get the right information about what is working today for other Football players and get a first look at what the future is for improving your athletic performance with Sports Tech, Sports Science and Sports Gear.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Daily Schedule of Speaker Sessions

I hand picked these Speakers to showcase innovations in Sports Tech,
Sports Science + Sports Gear for Football Players and Coaches.

Day 1   Friday, June 23, 2017

Starts at 8am ET

Benoit Simeray - Playertek by Catapult

Benoit Simeray is the CEO of Consumer at Catapult Sports, the industry leader in advanced wearable technology and analytics. He is responsible for spearheading Catapult’s rollout of wearable products, technology and services for consumer team sports. Benoit has over two decades of experience in building global consumer electronics businesses, having held senior positions at both Jawbone and TomTom.

Derek Belch - Strivr

Derek Belch is the Founder and CEO of Strivr.  Derek developed STRIVR while he was a graduate assistant coach with the Stanford football team. He played football for Stanford as an undergraduate, attended business school at USC, and returned to Stanford to coach and get his Masters degree in Virtual Reality. This unique background gives Derek tremendous credibility across both the sports and VR worlds, which has allowed STRIVR to quickly grow into a VR business with real-world applicability.

Alex Aguiar - Recoverx 

Alex Aguiar is the co-founder and CEO of RecoverX.  Alex studied neurobiology, physiology, and behavior at UC Davis with a double minor in psychology and technology management. He also played Division 1 Soccer at UC Davis and went on to become an assistant director of sports medicine at Davis. RecoverX is developing a product called Element, the world’s first electric cold and heat pack that can instantly get hot or cold in 30 seconds.

Ryan McManus - Mobile Virtual Player (MVP)

Ryan McManus is the Director of Marketing for MVP.  Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) created the world’s first rigorously engineered robotic mobile tackling dummy. MVP’s team is revolutionizing how athletes train for any sport, safely. (MVP)|DRIVE is the only powered training device that replicates an in-game experience by simulating the size, weight and agility of an experienced athlete. 

Alex Relph - PLT4M

Alex Relph is the Founder and Head of Development of PLT4m, a cloud based Strength and Conditioning platform that delivers ALL the tools a coach needs, and an experience an athlete wants. Save countless hours delivering workouts online, manage multi-sport schedules with ease and tracking. PLT4M engages athletes to buy in with a training program by fostering competition, rewarding progress and developing accountability year-round.

Day 2   Saturday, June 24, 2017

Starts at 8am ET

Dave Marver - Vicis Helmets

Dave Marver is CEO and Co-founder of VICIS, a company that is developing new Football Helmet technology with the Zero1 that is showing significant reduction in impact forces.  The Zero1 Helmet is a culmination of 3-year, $20 Million research and development effort by some of the world's leading neurosurgeons. Vicis is using expertise in medicine and engineering to protect young athletes.

Mike Rolih - GoRout

Mike Rolih, Founder and CEO of GoRout, Football’s first on-field wearable technology to help streamline the communication between football coaches and players. This allows players to receive digital play diagrams and data from coaches on the sideline in real time. GoRout’s wearable tech is currently being used high school, college, and professional coaches nationwide. It uses a digital display to effectively eliminate the need for scout cards.

Matt Kramer - VKTRY Gear Performance Insoles

Matt Kramer is the Chief Product Engineer of VKTRY Gear. The VKTRY Performance Insole is the first-ever high-performance athletic insole designed to return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility. VK’s patented carbon fiber design is scientifically proven to help athletes take their game to the next level. And experts in Sports Medicine agree that VKs can help protect against injuries.

Stefan Duma - Helmet Rating Research

Stefan Duma, Ph.D. is a Virginia Tech Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences. He is the Founder of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest Center for Injury Biomechanics.  Using a mathematical model for concussion risk, they created the STAR system for grading helmets according to their ability to reduce brain acceleration during different types of hits. The Virginia Tech Helmet rating provides an evaluation for over 26 helmets researched.

Mike Dawson Train with PUSH

Mike Dawson is the Manager of Business Development and Sales at PUSH. The PUSH band, word on the forearm records the velocity and power achieved in an exercise to help validate coaching decisions in the weight room. PUSH Band can indicate levels of fatigue and daily performance, allowing coaches to confidently push their athletes to the limit while reducing the risk of injury. It can monitor + capture data on free movement exercises. 

Day 3   Sunday, June 25, 2017

Starts at 8am ET

Travis McDonough - Kinduct

Dr. Travis McDonough is the CEO and Founder of Kinduct Technologies Inc., a Canadian software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that specializes in human performance technology. Kinduct is a world leading data and analytics software provider that is turning data into actionable intelligence. It allows organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to inform decisions and produce exceptional human performance results.

Julian Holtzman - Torqlabs

Julian is the CEO and Co-founder of Torq labs, a lower body monitoring system for knee and hip injury prevention. Using lightweight, low-power sensors and performance leggings Torq Labs helps users identify poor gait cycle and movement asymmetries, the precursors to developing injury. The sensors connect to a mobile device giving users a look at where their form begins to breakdown and by how much. The user is provided with suggestions + recommendations on immediate actions to take to keep them healthy.

Simon Watts - Athletigen

Simon Watts is a Sports Scientist and Product manager at Athletigen. Our precision performance platform integrates DNA insights with environmental assessments to empower high-performance coaches and athletes to develop custom, one-size-fits-one programs to achieve the optimal human performance in everyone. Athletigen has been on the forefront of the rapidly growing field of sports genetics, exploring how your genes influence your athletic performance.

Jac Saltzgiver - Trago Smart Cap

Jac Saltzgiver is the CEO and co-founder of Trago, a smart hydration system that includes a smart cap for a water bottle and a mobile app. Track your fluid consumption with a versatile smart cap to sync with your favorite fitness trackers. A personalized solution for hydration so you can improve your performance.

Shamil Hargoven - Wiivv

Shamil Hargoven is the CEO and co-founder of Wiivv, a company that designs and creates individually customized products using proprietary 3D-mapping and advanced computer vision technology that is accessible to everyone from their smartphone. Our company's bionic vision begins with from the ground up, creating a better foundation for every step you take with our Wiivv Custom Fit Insoles and Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals.

Day 4   Monday, June 26, 2017

Starts at 8am ET

Graham Betchart - Lucid

Graham Betchart is the Director of Mental Training at Lucid Performance. Unlocking your full potential begins and ends with your mind. Lucid provides a mobile app with the mental training you need to unleash the greatness already inside of you. Elite athletes train their bodies to perform, but they know that success is also mental.  They train their minds just like they train their bodies. Lucid is for competitive people looking to unlock their full potential in the face of pressure.  Lucid for people who want to be Elite.

Dr. Tony Shield - Nordbord (VALD Performance)

Dr. Tony Shield is the leader of the QUT hamstring injury group and senior lecturer in the school of exercise and nutrition sciences at Queensland University of Technology. He is also the inventor of the NordBord. The NordBord Hamstring Testing System is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to train, screen, monitor and rehab hamstring strength.  The Nordbord with VALD Performance is being used by over 14 NFL Teams, 19 NCAA Football Teams and has done over 10,000 Athlete tests. 

Joe Binghold - Senaptec

Joe Binghold is the CEO of Senaptec, a company that provides state-of-the-art technologies, products, and programs designed to assess, analyze, and improve vision and sensorimotor skills. Senaptec empowers individuals with tools that improve Brain health and performance. Visual and Sensorimotor skills can be measured and improved. Everyone from the injured to the high performer can be trained to sense sharper, perceive quicker, and react faster.

Aaron King - MOST (Modern Old School Training)

Aaron King is the Founder of MOST, an online library of sport specific drills to help you improve your athletic performance.  You can choose a sport specific program or build your own and personalize the content for your level. MOST provides you a plan to improve your speed and agility while showing you what work out to do each day and tracking your progress. 

Jesse Harper - Athlete Intelligence

Jesse Harper is the President and CEO of Athlete Intelligence.  The Athlete Intelligence platform from i1 Biometrics is designed to take bits of information and turn them into coachable moments.  Real-time monitoring from smart sensors in player mouth guards and helmets give you a perspective on the game you've never had before. Athlete Intelligence doesn't just dump more data on coaches. We make it usable by giving you the ability to detect when a player's taken a hit just a little too hard and help identify safety issues.

Kevin Dawidowicz - CoachMePlus

Kevin Dawidowicz is the President and co-founder of CoachMePlus, a software to manage and track athlete's training performance. Coaches are able to customize the CoachMePlus system specifically to each of their athletes, plus develop custom workout routines and assign each workout to an individual or a group of athletes.

Day 5   Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Starts at 8am ET

Raymond Williams - Cutters Gloves, Shock Doctor, McDavid

Raymond Williams is the Digital Brand Manager for United Sports Brands, a leader in sports performance and protective products designed to help athletes. Their Brands include Shock Doctor, the #1 global leader in mouthguards; McDavid, a brand at the top of the recommended lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers for more than 30 years; and Cutters, the innovative leader in the athletic Football glove market and high performance glove grip technology.

AJ Baker - WHOOP

AJ Baker is a Performance Specialist at WHOOP, a wearable device and analytics platform designed for and used by the world's most elite athletes. WHOOP providing continuous feedback on strain, sleep, and recovery. Using advanced biometric data, WHOOP informs you how you hard you've worked, how much sleep you need, how efficient that sleep was, and how well recovered your body is every day.

Ryan Sullivan - Xenith Helmets  (Interview TBD)

Ryan Sullivan is the President of Xenith, a company that approaches Football Helmets with the intention of challenging the status quo; introducing disruptive innovation, making football safer and changing the game. All Xenith football helmets feature Adaptive Head Protection® – a system of technologies designed to protect against both linear and rotational forces, and have been proven on the field and in the lab. Xenith produces 5-Star helmets under the widely accepted Virginia Tech STAR system. 

Jim Huether - Hyperice

Jim Huether is the CEO of Hyperice, a Sports Technology company that provide athletes with a set of tools that improve performance by accelerating recovery time, preventing injury, and enhancing the body’s ability to move more efficiently. Hyperice created the world's first high performance portable ice compression device and now includes recovery products using vibration technology. Over 200 collegiate and professional sports teams use Hyperice technology for their athletes’ fitness regimen.

Stephen Smith - Kitman Labs (Interview TBD)

Stephen Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Kitman Labs, an Athlete optimization system to enable the evolution of athlete performance.  All of your personal athlete data is processed and analyzed for you so Coaches and training staffs can now get actionable insights and intelligent alerts on a per athlete basis. Kitman labs provides a validated markerless motion capture video product for athletes.

NFL Musculoskeletal Committee - Protecting Feet, Cleat Testing

Dr. Anderson is the founding orthopaedic surgeon of the O.L. Miller Foot and Ankle Institute of OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, North Carolina, practicing there since 1989. He haas served as a team orthopedist to the Carolina Panthers since 2000 and as the Chairman of the Foot and Ankle Subcommittee for the NFL since 2003. He was recently named a co-chair of the NFL’s Musculoskeletal Committee, overseeing all orthopaedic injuries and research in professional football.

Phil Wagner - Sparta Science

Dr. Phil Wagner is a former Strength Coach and athlete with a passion for athlete health. In 2008 he founded Sparta Science, an athletic training facility, to measure/enhance athlete performance alongside resilience to injury, which later evolved into a larger technology business. Sparta Software Corporation (2012) provides an athlete data management platform to establish evidence based practices within sports organizations. Sparta now supports over 40 organizations globally, including but not limited to, Cleveland Cavaliers and the U.S Military Special Forces.

Exclusive Bonuses for Everyone Who Attends

Worth over $2,000 in Bonuses when you attend this Online Summit...

$2,000 in Exclusive Bonuses 

When you register for your Free Ticket to attend this Online Summit, you will get access to Special Offer Bonuses for Products from these Companies. This exclusive Bonus includes special pricing on more than 15 different products. Grab your $2,000 Bonus by registering for the Summit now.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!


What is the Football Performance & Tech Summit?

Football Performance & Tech Summit is an online event featuring over 20+ experts in wearable Sports Tech, Sports Science and Football Sports Gear.  

You will learn and see a showcase of demonstrations from these experts on how to improve your performance as a football player using technology, science and specific products. They will show you how it works giving you the chance to experience how this personally helps your football performance.

Who should attend the Football Performance & Tech Summit?

All Football players no matter what level or position. This Summit will provide value to all football athletes from Youth, High School, College and Pro.

If you are a Parent of a Youth or High School Football player, our experts will share how you can use these products to help protect your son from injury, improve their technique and help maximize their performance. You will also learn about what Football gear is recommended to wear.  

If you are a Football Coach, Stength & Conditioning Coach or Athletic Administrator, our experts will share how you can use Sports, Sports Science and Sports Gear for your Team to monitor, assess and train Football players.  

If you are a current Football player, our experts will share exactly how you can personally improve your athletic performance using Sports Tech, Sports Science and which Football Sports Gear to wear for your position.

Where is the Event located, Do I have to travel to this Summit?

The Football Performance & Tech Summit is 100% virtual, meaning it is an online event. You can attend from wherever you are since this is an online event. There is no physical venue or travel expenses so you can watch anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I watch the Video Sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive several message reminders in your inbox every day of the Summit event giving you access to all of the video sessions as they happen. Simply login & follow the easy instructions we give. You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

I can't attend all the sessions live,  Will I get a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for free for 7 days (from June 23rd-30th). Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 7 days, or you can purchase a Football Performance & Tech Summit Premium Pass to get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the sessions, as well as all the exclusive bonus resources and special deals.  After June 30th, you will need the Premium Pass to view any of the Sessions. 


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Meet your Host, Kevin Kirchner

Hi, I'm Kevin Kirchner, the creator and host of the Football Performance & Tech Summit. I have experience at the High School + College level (Virginia Tech, Florida Atlantic University) as a Football player, Coach and scout as well as growing tech companies. 

My mission is to show you what is really working for Football Athletes and bring the best and latest products that help Football players perform their best. There is a huge shift happening now for athletes using sports tech and sports science along with so much information out there on what product to use. I'm here to break it all down for you.

Be the first to hear straight from the world-class experts and see a showcase of these top products that only the top athletes in the world have experienced. I have already done the research for you and will be sharing exactly what is available to use now and what is coming in the future so you can personally improve as a football player based on your age, skill level or position you play. 

I'm making this available directly to you, the Football Athlete to help you personally develop on and off the field.

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